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Terms and Conditions that are mentioned on this website shall manage your usage of this site. Well, all the terms will be implemented completely and also affect to your usage of this specific site. By accessing this site, you adopt all the terms and conditions mentioned in here. Well, you cannot use this site if you disapprove with the Terms and Conditions.

Images/Content: Well, on this site, Terms and Conditions, any type of images, video text, audio or any other substance exhibited is exclusively the property of Lasersec Technologies and also should not be imitated or used in any way. Lasersec Technologies have the right to discard any of the videos, contents, and images from this site at any point of time without prior notifications.

Restrictions of Responsibility: Directors, officers or staffs of the Lasersec Technologies shall not be held responsible for any kind of incident that will come up when you access this website. That implies users will have to access this website at their own risk.

Dissolvable: Well, if any outline of these Terms and Conditions is being found to be illegal under any valid law, such outline can easily be discarded without affecting the rest arrangements herein.

Agreement: All these terms organize the whole agreement between the users and the Lasersec Technologies in relation to the usage of this site and also replace all prior understandings and agreements at the same time.

Assignment: The Lasersec Technologies is enabled to allocate, handover, and even authorize its own rights and/or commitments under all these Terms and Conditions without notice. But, one is not enabled to allocate, handover, or authorize any of one’s rights and/or commitment under all these Terms.

Prevailing Law and Authority: All these Terms and Conditions will be administered by and taken according to the laws of New Delhi, and users surrender tothe non-exclusive authority of New Delhi and Federal courts situated in New Delhi for the resolve of any sort of dispute.


  • You are particularly limited from the following:
  • Selling, commercializing and/or sub-licensing any website substance
  • Broadcasting web site substance in other media
  • Publicly showing and/or performing any website substance
  • Using the site in any form that influences user access to the site
  • Using the site in any form that may be harmful or is damaging this site
  • Using this site to involve in any kind of marketing or advertising

Certain fields of this specific site are limited from being use by the users and Lasersec Technologies may further curb your limitation to any area of this site at any point of time.

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