Tag is an important part of a garment. A Tag is more than just a piece of fabric, which directly communicates with the customer. It’s something like that drawing the full attention of the customer. Also describes what the product quality actually is in. on the basis of label, customer decides whether he/ she buys the garments or not. So, a Tag has a great importance on selling the garment.

Holographic Tags offered by us, can be customized according to the specifications and requirement.

Holographic Tags or Clothing Tags

Clothing Tags are attached to the material with the help of some sort of adhesive or can be printed, woven or embroidered with cotton or polyester threads on the edge of the textile material. Some tags are permanent which remain longer like printing of text on the selvage of material while some are temporary that is removed after first washing. Tags are the major source to communicate with the end consumer. They give the general information regarding care instructions, fiber content, name and address of the company or brand to the consumer. They help to attain satisfaction contentment in the minds of purchasers. Tags are also considered as a tangible and visible form of a reminder for the consumer.

Tags are used for Garment Industries which are basically from 110 GSM to 250 GSM Board. Lasersec Technologies offers various Tags like Paper Tags, Self Adhesive Tags, Non-Terrible Tags with security features.

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