Aluminum Foils can now incorporate holographic security too. No matter how you use Aluminium Foil in your packaging, Lasersec Technologies will find the right holographic solution according to your needs.

These foils come with customized holographic images and are easily printable by conventional printing techniques to merge seamlessly with your packaging or conversion operations.

These could ideally be used as:

  • Holographic Alu-Alu Foil

  • Holographic Blister Foil

  • Holographic Hot Stamping Foil

  • Customized Holographic Pharma Foil

  • Holographic Foils offered by us, can be customized according to the specifications and requirement.

    Holographic Alu-Alu Foil

    Lasersec Technologies offers supreme quality range. The aluminum foil is directly embossed (max width 160mm) hologram image on the surface of aluminum foil. It's embossed by hologram nickel shim which is the very effective solution to make the hologram. Then, a holographic image is transferred on the aluminum foil using advanced technologies. In the process, the image would not disappear under high temperature.

    These are specially designed Holographic Aluminum Foils by us, which come along with text, graphics, company logo and hologram embossed, making it highly secure and tamper proof because of the presence of optical security features. At Lasersec Technologies, every product is given a new shape along 2D/3D unique designs with product specifications. With all these features, it is a perfect solution to prevent any sort of counterfeiting. We customize these alu alu foils in varies sizes, designs, and specifications, as per the client’s specifications at most competitive prices.

    Can be Used

    Pharmaceutical, Tabacco

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    Holographic Blister Foil

    Holographic Threads are fused into the blister foil in such a way, that hologram becomes the part of blister foil and cannot be removed or tampered. It’s similar to the security thread used in the currency of various countries. This makes it unique, secure, protective and highly advanced product. In the process, the strips are created using the holographic and laser printing process which is later on stuck to the blister packaging. We automate the entire process, therefore the chances of tampering by counterfeits are minimized.

    Holographic Blister Foil is manufactured with innovative technologies & holographic solutions at Lasersec Technologies. These foils are high quality, reliable, consistent, and unique. This is the exact reason, it is a perfect packaging solution, to prevent any sort of counterfeiting. Customized Images can be used, as per the client’s specifications.

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    Pharmaceutical, Tabacco

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    Holographic Hot Stamping Foil

    Lasersec Technologies manufacture Hot Stamping Foils, by embossing impressions of the hologram on lacquered, metallic polyester film and then coat with a special adhesive coating, and the special holographic image is transferred to the surface using hot stamping machines without any difficulty.

    Both brand & product information can be transferred using special adhesive coating without making any impact on the holographic image. It can also be transferred through a process of hot stamping either in running or registered image through eye mark where machine senses the eye mark and transfers the image accurately to the position.

    It is available in bright multiple colors (primarily being silver), shades & designs. Using these foils, one can decorate & develop new, innovative, attractive and secured packaging or can include it as a security measure. We can provide both registered and running strip, a form of Hot Stamping Foil.

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    Government, Education, FMCG, Automobile, Tobacco

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