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In this section, you will get to know following:

  • ✔ Competition in Rural Markets-Fake or Real?

  • ✔ Identify fake perfumes

  • ✔ 10 tips on how you can avoid buying fake products online

  • ✔ Identify Illicit Liquor with these 3 Fool-Proof Ways

  • ✔ Fake Olive oil: 7 ways to spot it

These resources have been developed after an intensive research and years of experience, and also, are customized for the electronics industry itself. The inputs shared in these resources are filled with facts and figures along with the problems and their solutions.​

  • Easy-Ways-To-Spot-Fake-Perfumes
  • Easy Ways To Spot Fake Perfumes

    About 7% of the world’s trade is now taken up by counterfeit businesses, and there is nothing much you can do about that as a customer, other than being aware of what you are purchasing. By being aware and learning how to spot the differences between the real product and the fake product, you can avoid buying counterfeit products and thus help to curb the counterfeit business indirectly.

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