Track & Trace Technologies – Lead the Secure Packaging!

Now that government has already put regulatory conditions on all sorts of products, it is imperative to ensure that the brand does not end up taking someone’s life.

Of course, it is not the original product that would do such. It is some counterfeiting racket who would tarnish the brand’s name and spell a disaster.

Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies have been predicted to a 5.3% CAGR
which will rise to 3.6 billion dollars regarding industrial growth.

Inevitably, it goes to show that globally, it is being taken as a serious issue.

Among them, track-and-trace is the kind of technology that dominates the global anti-counterfeiting surge. With 37 percent market share, it also has the fastest growth among other technologies and will soon outsmart others. Since track-and-trace depends on a lot of printable features of anti-counterfeiting, integrating them within a framework of tracking is much easier.

Also, such technology allows a close inspection all through the supply line and will inform the manufacturer at every point of the shift. In fact, tamper-evident tracing processes will be immediately detected and informed so that the manufacturer can be aware of the loopholes in the supply system.

Often, inducing simple techniques to stop counterfeits may not work across borders, but a tracing method will obviously do. These advantages put this new technology at the helm of things.