5 Tips to stop COUNTERFEIT of the PRODUCT

Counterfeiting and duplication of goods is a big problem in today’s world, and one has no other choice except to find new and more innovative ways to save your product from duplication.
A lot of new ways such as Unique Barcode Labels, Custom-made Discount Coupons, Duplication Proof Labels, Hologram Warranty Stickers, Tamper-Proof Stickers are the many ways a manufacturer can save their product from being duplicated.

Bar Codes

Barcodes made using hologram, and promotional cards with uniqueness only present in original stores can be used to keep a product safe.

Unique Coupons

Promotional cards will never be given for duplicate products, and a hologram protected barcode is also exceedingly rare. These few modifications could save a product from being copied easily and in a way helps the producer to keep the goodwill and faith of the consumer intact.

Protected Labels And Warranty Stickers

No duplicate company will provide a customer with a hologram protected warranty sticker or label. Warranty cards are proof that the corporation will be liable if any fault is found within the product within the said period. As no duplicate product has good quality parts, giving warranty and guarantee cards would not be wise on their part. Labels can be protected too using hologram protection the codes and keys to which only the original company will possess.

Assessing The Holographs

On acknowledging with the best of factor you get to receive the utmost guarantee on the product. The identification of this identity will allow in venturing into the right deal.

Researching On The Authentication

Studies of significant features and well-guided features are the advanced features that can assist you. This also initiates an overall assumption about what are the specific identification of acknowledging the original one.

If the necessary steps aren’t taken then, the duplicate products can quickly take over the consumer market and ruin the reputation of the original. So, these precautions can save the original company from a lot of trouble.

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