The Hazards of Counterfeit Electronics Market

Counterfeit businesses now run rampant all over the world. In a shocking survey that shook the business world to its core, it was revealed that over 7% of the world’s total trade is in counterfeit business.

This is extremely concerning because not only does it affect the trade of the original brands, it also dupes the customers. In this article, you will find reasons why you should always double check before buying electronic goods.

Counterfeit electronic goods have flooded the market, and it has reached such proportions that it can almost be called an epidemic at this point. These days, there are counterfeits available for every product in the market, be it small devices like mobile phones, or large appliances like washing machines. 

Counterfeit electronic goods have saturated the market so well that it has almost become impossible to buy a product without having a high chance of accidentally buying a fake version instead. There are a lot of risks of the counterfeit electronic products flooding the market.

To know what risks are involved, read the points below:

•    A lot of chemicals which are hazardous to human health are found in counterfeit electronic goods. Components like lead, tin, and cadmium are all toxic metals which can cause health problems if a user is in contact with them for a long time.

•    Counterfeit electronic goods are not tested for safety before they are released in the market. This means that there is no guarantee about the safety of the products. There is also no guarantee of the longevity, which means you might end up paying a lot of money for a product that ultimately does not even work properly.

•    Counterfeit products do not come with any warranty. So, in case they start malfunctioning, there is no way you can exchange the product or get a refund. This is seriously detrimental to the image of big brands, which is what is used by counterfeiters to sell their products.

•    Counterfeit products are made with parts that are not of very good quality, because of which, they pose serious health risks. In a lot of cases, it is the hardware components whose quality is compromised, which can cause the product to burn.

Counterfeits are found in every industry; be is food, clothing or even electronic goods. While fake clothing and cosmetics are not a health hazard, counterfeit foods and electronic goods pose serious health risks which can seriously damage the lifestyle of customers. Fake electronics make for a very dangerous market. Visit for more information