Steps To Take When Business Are Losing Money From Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit products are imitations of original products that are often mass produced or sold under the original company’s name but without their permission. Fake products like these have a wide variety of industries which may include apparel, medication, car parts, and even electronics. But the most sold items are accessories, jewelry, handbags, computers, shoes; personal care products, clothes, and wallets. But there are protocols with which businesses can retaliate.

We bought some simple and easy steps to follow:

STEP 1: Register Product Trademarks

Registration of your product trademarks is a significant step in for protecting the brands. Federal registration helps you to implement your product brands and also provides a constructive notice reminding the claims of your owner-ship for your brand. Federal registration will also help you get access to the court in case things go south.

STEP 2: Check Your Products And Be Vigilant

Protecting your brand is not enough since you also have to take the steps or follow the protocols to protect your rights. Monitor or appoint service providers to scrutinize thoroughly which includes both online and retail — to verify if the products sold are genuine or not. There are three simple factors for examining, these include the Packaging, the Price, and the Location of the products that are being sold.

STEP 3: Use Proper Technology

Technology is and will always be an important tool to protect your brand or products from getting counterfeited. Technologies can be convenient which can be implemented within the original product. For clothing products, for example, A very particular thread or any symbol could be added which will indicate the originality of the product. And will only be visible when you keep it under a light of some sort. A plastic hologram can be implemented which can be used for brand specific logos.

STEP 4: Educate & Aware The Masses

Spread awareness and educate them about the fake products. Ask them to scrutinize, and if found false, they must immediately report to the authorities.

Follow these simple 4 steps and fight against counterfeit. It is essential that everyone be a consumer or a brand should learn to devise ways to identify the original ones. Visit for more information.