Simple & Easy Steps to Stop Counterfeit / Duplicates

Counterfeiting fast moving consumer goods has reached such high proportions, it can almost be called an epidemic now. At present, a whopping 7% of the world’s total trade is in counterfeit goods, and that is alarming because not only is it detrimental to the original businesses, it is also bad for consumers who rely on these products.

From medicine to food to cosmetic products and even clothing, everything is counterfeited at a high scale, and counterfeiters make huge profits from the sale of these fake products.

The need of the hour is to stop the counterfeiting of these goods so that customers can have the assurance of quality and businesses do not suffer financial losses.

Steps to Stop Counterfeit/Duplicate

If you are a business owner who wants to make sure that your goods are not counterfeited by scammers, there are a few very easy steps to maintain to stop counterfeiting.

In this blog, you will find a list of such steps, which you can take to ensure that your goods are not counterfeited. Read on to find out what they are!

•    Register your Trademark – This is quite possibly the most important step that you can take as a business owner. Unless you have registered your trademark, it is very easy for other people to use your logo and sell fake versions of your products to unsuspecting customers. Unless you have a registered trademark, you cannot sue other companies for using your logo and for this reason it is very important to register your trademark at the very beginning. In case you did not register your trademark at the very outset, do not worry because there is still hope. You can get your trademark registered at any given time, provided no other company has the same thing registered to their name.

•    Enforce your Rights – You cannot hope to stop counterfeiting simply by attaining rights. You must also exercise them effectively. To ensure that, you must constantly and regularly police your products to make sure they are not being counterfeited. Keep an eye on the market you serve and make sure that other products are not too similar to what you are trying to sell. If they are, it might be time to check if they are counterfeit versions of your products. To stop counterfeiting, you must also be willing to pursue your counterfeiters effectively. If someone is stealing your intellectual property, it is only right to sue them so that they get punished for their wrongdoings. Not pursuing counterfeiters actively will only result in the growth in the number of counterfeiters and contribute more to the counterfeit trade.

•    Make use of Technology – Technology has advanced to a point where it is almost at par with all the sci-fi movies that people have grown up watching. When you live in such a technologically advanced world and have a business of your own that is at risk for being counterfeited, it makes sense to make use of technology to prevent counterfeiters from stealing your work. For example, if you have an apparel business, you can use special threads to incorporate a special brand-specific design in your clothing that only becomes visible under a special type of light. Using hologram seals and stickers is also a great way to prevent counterfeiters from faking your products. If you advertise the measures you are taking correctly and educate your customers, you will not have o worry about being counterfeited again.

By following these three straightforward steps, you can make sure that you stop counterfeiters from doing short work of what is rightfully your intellectual property. By maintaining these few steps, you can effectively stop counterfeiting and contribute to stamping out the counterfeit trade for good. Visit for more information or email us