Protect Medicines from being Fake and save Lives.

The manufacturer of the pharmaceutical product has to ensure that his products are genuine and protected. Protection is important to avoid counterfeit. Counterfeit medicines have affected the pharma world badly.

Almost all the countries around the world are facing the problem of counterfeit drugs. Government is doing all that it can do to prevent such malpractices but the number of counterfeit drugs that are already available in the market is countless. They are openly sold online by the fraud manufacturers. It is a major concern for the pharmaceutical industry.

Manufacturers are trying their best to protect their products from being copied by fraud manufacturers. They have started working on making their product’s packaging completely unique so that no one can copy it. They provide a specific batch number, patent, etc to ensure the originality of their product.

The following 3ways are adopted by manufacturers of pharmaceutical products to ensure that medicines are protected

  • Holographic Blister Foil– As too many people are buying medicines from online pharmacies, there are more requirements for hologram labels. Hologram labels cannot be easily counterfeited because of advanced manufacturing technique involved in making such labels.

    Thus with the help of hologram labels, manufacturers ensure the genuineness of their pharmaceutical product to the customers. Holographic Blister Foil is now popularly used for packaging of pharmaceutical products. There is no chance of tampering in such packaging. Holographic Blister Foil serves as the best security solution for pharmaceutical products.

  • Geometric Dilution Method– Aluminum Foil, after that in printing procedure through some pattern company’s name get imprinted on it which denotes that it’s an original one. But now it can be duplicated as printing units are doing some fraudulent practices. So the manufacturers have adopted Geometric Dilution Method in order to ensure originality of their pharmaceutical products.

    Geometric Dilution is basically a pharmaceutical method that involves mixing of diluents with a small amount of drug. Diluents help in finding the drugs. It ensures proper and equal distribution of drug throughout resulting compound.

  • Security Inks- Inkjet technology provides perfect security solution to the pharmaceutical products. Holograms with security inks cannot be counterfeited easily by anyone.

    This is the reason, more and more manufacturers of pharmaceutical products are using such high tech holograms to maintain the originality of their drugs. Holograms with security inks such as fluorescent ink, UV ink, indigo ink, etc are widely used by pharmaceutical manufacturers nowadays.

Among all the ways mentioned above, Holographic Blister Foil is the best one. Most of the countries have adopted the use of Holographic Blister Foil in packaging pharmaceutical products. Manufacturers never want his product idea to be counterfeited.

This is the reason they are focusing on making their product easily differentiated from the counterfeited ones. Security Inks and Geometric Dilution method is somewhat tricky for the manufacturers whereas holographic blister foil method is simple and affordable.

Let’s check out some more advantages of Holographic Blister Foil below:

  • Hard to be counterfeited– The best thing about Holographic Blister Foil is that it is hard to be counterfeited and thus there is no possibility of counterfeited drugs to take its place. The product remains unique and original. Customers receive the original product from the distributor and they can easily identify the product with Holographic Blister Foil.
  • Consistent– Holographic Blister Foil always remains consistent. The manufacturers of this foil are using advanced parameters for manufacturing these foils in order to ensure better service and optimum security to their clients. They are just trying to make their product more reliable for their clients. Because of the high-level security offered by Holographic Blister Foil to a pharmaceutical product, its demand is increasing rapidly day by day.
  • Customizable Images- Customizable images can be printed on Holographic Blister Foil to make it more secure and unique. Such images on the hologram reduce the chance of malpractice. Holographic Blister Foil along with such images helps in building up the brand value.

Now you are well aware of the benefits of Holographic Blister Foil so you should definitely use it in the packaging of your pharmaceutical product. Surely, no one will be able to copy the product and it will remain genuine until it exists. Neither you nor your customers will be troubled by counterfeit drugs.

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