Counterfeits & Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies- A Cat & Mouse Game

Medicine, Fashion, Food, Automobile- you name it, they have it. Counterfeits pervade every sphere of consumable products nowadays, and the sophistication of such practice is increasing to an alarming level.

However, companies have decided to fight and nail against it, since they realize that it has to be a global war against a web of invisible networks that span the globe and amass more than trillion dollars. Hence, of late, companies are trying to look for third-party methods to ensure that counterfeiting can be prevented.

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5 problems faced by Apparel Sector

The popularity of the apparel sector does not come without challenges. A lot of difficulties such as duplication of a label, changing customer demands, keeping track of responsible purchasing of raw materials, looking for names which are environmentally sustainable and much more are faced by the manufacturer. A few problems are from the customer point of view and the rest from the manufacturing side.

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Time to call a fake a fake

Counterfeiters are all over the field, and they are not leaving any business untouched. It hurts business most in this regard, is the automobile industry for more than one reason. Since its inception, the counterfeit practice has grown to become nearly equal to that of the original in many aspects.

So much so, any authorized dealer will tell you how much loss they incur because somewhere in the supply chain, the counterfeiters enter the scene and complicate the situation. More importantly, little administrative intervention or attention has been given in this regard.

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Want To Prevent Counterfeiting Hurting Your Business? Try these Holographic Solutions

World Health Organization or WHO recently came out with a huge piece of information. Apparently, as many as 32 billion dollars have been earned by the producers of counterfeit medicines globally, and the drug industry has lost this much money globally.  In a recent research, apparently, one out of five vehicles is made from counterfeit parts. Both from the manufacturer’s as well as customer’s point of view, this is a certified disaster on a large scale as it impacts both ends gravely.

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Duplicate Auto Spare Parts impact your Brand, Check out how?

In the automobile industry, the fake brands and the duplicates are infiltrating the market like poisonous mushrooms. However, before your premise is attacked, you can stop this nuisance from producing dent on your reputation through a series of techniques. Since your brand value is pristine and it drives you forward towards new customer bases, you should always try to protect it from the leeching hands of the counterfeit practices.

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5 Ways to Safeguard the Auto Spare Parts from Counterfeit

Protecting The Auto Spare Parts From The Fake Distributors: A Brief Know-How

Protecting The Spare Parts From The Fake Distributors

If you are tired of losing out on billions of rupees because a set of so-called independent distributors are passing off cheap, counterfeit auto parts claiming them to be original, then it is time you should resist them, whether you are a manufacturer or a consumer.

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Counterfeits: The Alarming Growth Of The Fake Auto Parts Industry

Fake products, often known as counterfeits, are something that pervades all industries to an extent. Fake notes, fake medicine, fake branding, etc. are insanely common nowadays. While some fake products harm you economically, some may harm you fatally. Among them, a counterfeit in the automobile industry is a dangerous as well as a growing concern because not only does it affect a huge industry in significant ways, but also can destroy individual lives too. It is because believe it or not; counterfeit practices contribute to 20 percent of all accidents that occur in this country, not limited to personal cars but also trucks, SUVs, and other heavy-carriage vehicles.

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PHARMACEUTICAL LABELS – nick name “Pharma-seal”

In recent times, medicines packages and wrappers come up with shining stickers. Everyone notices this feature while buying medicines from a chemist shop. Manufacturers have not used these labels to provide a great look to their manufactured products. Rather all these unique stickers are there for protecting the quality of the product.

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ANTI-COUNTERFEIT TAGS: Saving your brand from unexpected forgery enhancing profit margin

There are lots of instances where companies end up losing revenue due to the presence of fake product manufacturers. This is rampant in almost every sector, including Apparel, FMCG, Healthcare, Electronics and many other industries. The hazard of piracy keeps lots of Top Brands on tenterhooks.

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