Online Counterfeit Products – a matter of concern

This is the age of the computer and the internet. People belonging to all walks are busy everywhere. From the younger generation of today to the older generation find shopping online much easier and very convenient.
Just at the click of a button, you can get your desired item delivered to your doorstep without having to bother about going to the store and spending valuable time. Therefore online shopping is a roaring business option that has hit the market with newer websites being launched every day to lure the online shopper.

 One of the few disadvantages of Online Shopping:

 With the rapid progress of online shopping, the layman is facing a serious threat of counterfeit products. Alongside online shopping, the shopper should also be aware of the fact that counterfeit goods have flooded the market and it is a big business too. This has been a matter of concern for those brand owners who sell genuine products as their reputation is at stake.

How does it affect the Buyer and the Brand Owner?

 The brand owner is not bothered by those customers who wishfully choose to buy cheap products. This business of selling counterfeits hits the brand owner when the consumer is duped into buying a fake product at the price of an original product. Not only this, the counterfeit products that are all over the market also has an effect on the unique qualities of the branded products. It is the quality of the brand that makes it stand out and fetches a high price. This is being compromised, and the brand owner feels the pinch as he loses the revenue.

Some of the drawbacks of Buying Counterfeits:

  • The owners of brand names lose out on revenue.
  • The products are not of good quality.
  • These products do not meet any regulations.
  •  Most of these products do not have the required manufacturer’s warranty.
  • There can be traces of lead or mercury in these products which can are very harmful to our health.
  • Last but not least, the financial details of the shopper can be exposed and misused.

Therefore the buyer has to be cautious so that he is not duped into buying a lookalike. Check the price of the product, return policies and the names of the brands properly. Go through reviews before you make a purchase.