Never charge the Phone with Local Charger

These days, it is quite common to run out of phone battery mostly due to the massive usage of our phone and most the times spent on social media platforms.

So even if you are outside, always use an authentic charger to charge device because the chances are that they can be harming the phone battery.

Also if you are one of those people, who keep on loosing charges and probably have ended up buying cheap local chargers, then throw them away if you plan on using the phone for an extended period because that charger will likely kill the life of the phone battery.

The primary purpose of any charger is to charge the battery by replenishing the drained battery after being plugged into a power source. On a technical term, they are called adapters since they convert DC to a more accommodating power.

These chargers will protect the device from charge spikes and even make sure that it doesn’t draw too much of power. There are multiple parts of an adapter of which the regulator makes sure that the phone doesn’t overcharge after being adequately replenished. While the fake ones won’t do such thing to the device and even after charging for hours, the percent of charge will stay the same.

Always carry the official charger while traveling because that solves most of the problem. Even if you plan on getting a new adapter, don’t forget to check the input-output level on your charger.

Most chargers would have an output of 1 A, and any device which needs less than that will extract accordingly. Some devices won’t even be able to draw power which can’t provide that sort of juice required.

So always look for certifications like RoHS certification would confirm that the product doesn’t have any harmful material. Fight Fake and Be Safe!