Know the difference between an Original & a Fake Mobile Phone

Let us check out easy ways to spot Fake Mobile Phones

With strong competition in the electronics market, the trend of counterfeit electronic goods has become very popular these days. The most common item that is sold is fake mobile phone, which are made of cheaper and bad quality parts and made to look like original phones which are from high-end brands.

This trend is very concerning because fake mobile phones can be extremely dangerous. Besides causing financial losses to the original brands, they also pose a great health risk to users.

However, there are simple ways to tell a fake mobile phone apart from a genuine one. Read below to find out how?

•    Does your Research –
A little research work never hurt anybody and in this case, can be of huge help to you. It is, of course, impossible to know about all the little technical details of the phone, but having some knowledge about the basic features, the model number, the software and hardware components and the accessories that the phone comes with can help you avoid purchasing a fake mobile phone accidentally.
All these information is easily available on the website of the manufacturer and armed with this knowledge; you can easily distinguish between a fake phone and a genuine one.

•   Observes the Appearance –
Fake phones, no matter how cleverly made, will always differ from the original in minute ways. By closely observing the appearance of the phone, and comparing it to the photos available on the website of the manufacturer, you can figure out if the product you’re buying is fake or genuine.
Common things to look for when checking for such discrepancies in appearance are the color of the phone, the dimensions and the placement of the brand logo on the phone. In a lot of instances, the brand name may be misspelled on fake phones, and this is a major giveaway.

•    Check for the Functionality –
Before buying a phone, it is important to make sure whether the phone delivers all the functions it promises or not. Of course, checking every single feature of the phone is not feasible because it will take a lot of time, but it is very important to check the display, the sound system and the camera of the phone.
You might also try out the hardware to make sure it works properly. If it is a genuine mobile phone, it will work without any glitches and any performance lag. However, a fake phone will not work properly because the parts used to make the phone are not of good quality.

Using these simple tricks, you can make sure that you never end up purchasing a fake phone accidentally. If looking for counterfeit solutions for electronic sector, visit –