Innovative Ways to defeat Diversion and Counterfeiting

The counterfeiting or diversion of products is a significant threat to the original manufacturers. Diversion is basically the selling of the original product through an illegal channel. Along with that counterfeiting has been slowly spreading like cancer which is also a growing concern for many brands.

The only safe way to tread the deal is for the consumers to buy the product from authorized sellers. Even for the manufacturers, in order to stop the concerned product from getting duped, they should adopt anti-diversion methods.

For the companies to get ahead of these fraudulent people, they can track their respective products and see if they have arrived at the authorized sellers. These sorts of anti-diversion tactics can help and restore the channel integrity along with brand quality and pricing.

Anti-Diversion Technology that is to be used
The implementation of various sorts of codes be it visible or not, can help in maintaining the security and authenticity of any product, thus in that way the brand owner can keep track of their products.
The retailer is also instructed to use these unique codes to verify the authenticity of the products received. The companies have the technology to track large chunks of their products which can alert them if anything appears to be uncanny.

Macro-Techs or Invisible Ink
Implementation of invisible inks is a very divisive and an innovative way to stop counterfeiting or diversion.
The invisible ink can be printed both inside and the external portion of the product. This method of tracking the product is safe, and it maintains the security too.

Inserting Anti-Diversion Tactics with the Packaging
There are many ways of making sure that the packaging received by the product makes it durable and also to make sure that it doesn’t get diverted. With such package solutions like holographic seals and foils, the manufactures can have a sigh of relief.

With that being said, all these can make sure that the authentic brand products are being protected from diversion and also from counterfeiting. It is advisable that a brand can follow these steps to make sure that their product gets on the right shelf, where they belong.

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