“If you can Make it, you can Fake it.” 

Rapid globalization and easy access to places and things from all over the globe have also increased the importance of trade, trademarks and brand names particularly when for each and every genuine good sold out there is the counterfeit already available.

Black markets are filled with fake goods with a slightly distorted brand name, just to avoid cases of infringement. Today the production of fake goods has increased so much that a day is enough to come up with the fake version of the original goods! 

The fake ones are abundant to feed the hungry crowd who can’t spend much but still wants to look good. Fake and second-hand goods are also sold in roadside markets. It can be sports accessories, handbags even designer items with tempting offers.

Trademark Infringement
Trademark is the branch of the IPR and includes name, any word, or symbol, or a device to differentiate goods from the one manufacturer from another.

Trademark infringement is a serious problem for both big brands as well as small companies. Companies invest a fortune to come up with new products and launch them in the market so if the brand is not protected through trademark; the entire investment goes to waste.
Because admit
 it or not majority of common folks would go for the cheaper one when the comparison comes because the fakes almost mirror the originals but are a lot cheaper. So why not!

Socialization and Trends
Another reason for this increase in fake goods is because this generation is becoming more and more impatient due to the availability of everything right under their nose.

Now it’s all about looking good and clicking pictures so that you can update your “statuses” on various social media platforms with “#OOTD”.

What you can do to stop the sale of fake goods in the market is firstly stop buying from them and encouraging them. But well that’s kind of a hypothetical situation which can never be possible. Many brands have established web-based tools for verifying the authenticity of goods and the legitimacy of sellers.

Others provide feedback forms and email based modes of feedback for reporting any infringement. To successfully reduce the trade of counterfeit goods the companies must form a cross-functional team from the advisory level to a global level. Take an extra step to fight against counterfeit, if you belong to apparel industry by latest using holographic solutions like clothing tags.

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