Identify Illicit Liquor with 3 Fool-Proof ways

There are a lot of very simple and easy ways to identify fake liquor. In most cases, you can avoid buying fake liquor simple by being mindful at the time of purchase.

By adopting a few changes in habit, you can easily avoid getting cheated by your vendor and if you are keen to know what these practices are, read on to find out now!

  • Billing is of Vital Importance – In a lot of cases, people avoid asking for the bill or invoice, either because they are in a hurry, or because there is always a chance that they might be laughed at by their peers. But billing is very important because it holds the vendor liable in case something eventually goes wrong. Vendors who refuse to give you an invoice or a bill are more likely to be selling illicit or fake liquor than vendors who have a proper billing system in place.
  •  Remember to check the Seal– Every liquor bottle comes with a hologram seal depicting the brand of the liquor. It goes without saying that you must never buy a bottle if this seal is broken. Check carefully to see if the cap is sealed, and then check once more to see if the hologram seal sticker that is placed on the cap is unbroken or not. If you find that the sticker or the seal on the cap have been tampered with, positively do not buy it. If possible, say away from that particular vendor in future as well!
  • Restrictions based on Location – This is also very important. Often, counterfeit liquor sellers bring in re-filled bottles from other states, fill them up with fake or illicit liquor and sell them in the local shops. When they do this, they might forget to change the label, which always bears information on whether or not that particular brand or product is allowed to be sold in your state. Make sure to check the label before you buy, because that might clue you in on whether or not you are buying fake liquor.
  • Take a Good Look – If you are buying liquor that you usually buy, you must also be familiar with the way it looks. Take a good look at the bottle and content before buying to ensure you are getting the real deal.

By keeping these thoughts in mind, you can easily identify illicit or fake liquor and avoid the risk of spending money on a counterfeit product.