How to spot FAKE Branded Headphones?

There are tons of good alluring deals on your branded headphones once you go through your local market. But those are mostly counterfeit goods or are cheap knock-offs of any original products that come under famous brands.

You can surely save yourself a fortune by buying one of these, but if you end up getting it from an unauthorized seller, it is highly likely that the product will turn out to be duped.

And the most disappointing part is that they won’t even come near the original headphones which have enriched bass and tonal adjustments. But instead, you will end up with a sub-par fake pair of headsets.

We thought to give you an intricate guide as to how you can avoid buying FAKE headphones.

  • Always buy from Authorized Dealers
    Getting the product from an authorized dealer not only ensures its authenticity but also helps you get excellent post-sale services which are very much needed. Authorized dealers will have the latest of the stock, and you are getting a full year warranty along with a brand new product.
  • Do not buy from various 3rd party sellers
    This is indeed very unhealthy because many authorized e-commerce platforms allow third-party sellers who offer less price than the authorized selling price. Don’t always take the cheap route since it is almost a bad decision to get a counterfeit product which shall last for a day or two.
  • Always ask queries
    You have to ask for the product and investigate the product if ordered online, keep a close eye on the day of its dispatch to its delivery so keep an open mind.
  • Take extra steps and buy safely
    Most of these original brands have sites of its own where they sell the original products, and yes authorized sellers are the best option to go for.

    Be SAFE, Fight FAKE!