How to SPOT authentic Supreme vs Fake?

In this blog, we will explicitly help you to distinguish between a real and a fake supreme product. And also helping you save the trouble of investing in the wrong kinds of stuff.

Spotting a fake of a supreme brand can be very difficult especially when you are not aware of what you are dealing with.  The counterfeit apparels are often tough to spot since they are very particular when it comes to producing cheap knock-offs. So it is always advisable, that the users buy their desired brands from authorized sellers.

Things you should look out for….

Look closely at the LOGO. An authenticate box logo will have a very intricate and dark red that goes around with the white ‘Supreme’ word. While the duped product’s emblem is going to be a bit on the lighter side which resembles a more cherry-ish color or either will be too dark, just like wine.


The stitching on the original logo is very sturdy and distinctive with a crisscross pattern where many small diamonds are being put together with a diagonal method of sewing. While on the other hand, the false ones have a horizontal stitching which overlaps one another along with the edges looking much unpolished in a fake product.

The Letters

The real supreme logo is drawn in a very closely knitted manner where the letter of the word is almost touching each other. However, the fake product will have the letter written quite apart which usually proves, the product is a duplicate.

Place it under the Sun

The original supreme logo has a matte finish while the fake one has a much more greyish tone to it, so if you hold the emblem by the sun, then the latter will give off a sort of uncanny vibes.

With all these tips, one can quickly get aware of buying a supreme product, since one doesn’t want to disappoint themselves by purchasing a fake product.

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