How to spot a Novelty Document ?

With the rise of the internet, many websites are known to have been providing fake proof of address and I.Ds. For people to spot the difference, they can search for online databases for “novelty documents.”

These websites are providing their clients with fake passports, bank bill, educational certificates and many such fraudulent paper works. These are mostly used for entertainment purpose, educational use and also of course for novelty.

It is beyond anyone’s comprehension as to why anyone would want to use such fraudulent documents, but the ambiguity of such business is what makes it even more intriguing.

It is also beyond the law to take actions against these sites since disclaimers are being made which states that these are for novelty purposes only and only legal measures can be taken depending on the client’s activities.

Spot The Difference
With the amount of such “novelty” providing stores, it is quite evident that there is a circulation of such fake ids and stuff all across the places even though it is challenging when it comes to differentiating between a duped and an original document.
There are various agencies which offer companies to provide authenticity of a particular paper provided or showed to them. These places are government aided which helps them understand the basic level forgeries.

Reporting Such Duplicity
Such duplicate or duped documents can directly be reported to the respective anti-fraud centers of any respective city. Even though some investigations might just be closed due to lack of sources, but reporting surely helps in building an intelligence database to apprehend future cases.
As for fake certificates, it can directly be confronted by referring to the respective college and matching the college database. Furthermore, this kind of websites can be reported with relevant proofs of forgery to which the law enforcers will make sure that the site gets closed down for good.

With the so-called “Novelty” documents, it might be hard to prosecute the ones’ selling these kinds of things. But one can gather enough evidence against those sites so that it will help the law-enforcers to take the sites down for a good riddance.  Email us for more information.