How to know if it’s Authentic or Not?

The world of counterfeiting has been reckless and has advanced itself at the same time. They have provided cheap knock-offs to apparels which look entirely identical. It is widely known that even the duped products can be sold online.
These sellers, in particular, are always luring the consumers with enticing price tags which give them an upper hand.

The apparels sold one, gets to the consumers, and they find to their surprise that it is not authentic and leaves it be.

But the flow of this fake supply-chain needs to be stopped once and for all since the phony product must immediately be reported to the brands themselves. It can get confusing, but there are specific steps that one can follow to ensure that the sanctity of the supply chain is maintained.

Steps to Follow

  • Buying from the authorized store is very important. All apparel is tagged and has a brand trademark which is always present in typical places of any garments. Once you have the taste of buying branded apparels, intuitively you will be able to point out the fake product.
  • It lacks the premium feel of the product, and due to the lack of proper craftsmanship, it looks either unpolished or extremely dazzling which shouldn’t be the case for any fine or OG product.
  • The presence of uncanny logo designs and deliberate spelling mistakes, whereas there will always be a dearth of quality in the product.
  • Online sites have sellers who always sell counterfeit goods at alluring price tags but never fall in the trap since cheaply is excellent as long as it is coming from an authorized store.

Hope these steps will help you in identifying fake apparels and will help you to buy authentic apparels which won’t disappoint you quality wise.
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