How to identify a Forged Certificate/Degree ?

With the forgery of degrees and certificates, it is quite evident that our country has earned itself a notorious label.

A global survey was conducted where the data collected showed that
“50% of the aspirants looking for a job had provided falsified information regarding their previous employment” and the investigation has exposed most of these. A few hundred bucks can be enough to buy you a fake degree from any college from the world.

How to Identify a Forged Certificate?

To distinguish a fake degree from a genuine one is very tedious. The forger always uses the right kind of stationery goods to ensure that the certificate looks polished and real.  That makes it very hard to differentiate and especially when some of the unissued names can be thrown into the broken hell of the system with the help of college officials by bribing of course.

But the employers can always opt for a manual on-spot checking system which entails an agency for a more grounded and intricate check-up. This is perhaps a very long process which might even be expensive. And sadly it is not yet foolproof.

Recently, a new solution has come up to the attention and is getting adopted by many institutions, and it seems like it is quite cheap and fast too. A global system is being implemented which is more like a peer to peer system that deals with the users to download an app where they can authenticate and further proceedings will be done for the issue of that certificate. In a way, that would create a massive database since it would also need the user’s end to complete the whole cycle of authentication.

This simple solution ends the redundant expenditure that one had to carry out for background checks. Plus it would also help the candidate get the right kind of job and is fool-proof.