How to identify Fake Perfumes?

Before jumping to conclusions and buying a cheap branded perfume, one must choose one of the above because cheap doesn’t always go with branded, if it does then there is something wrong with it.

Buying such duped products can also be harmful to your health as well.

According to the research published by many experts, there are some protocols that one can follow before buying a perfume.

  • A branded perfume can never be cheap.
  • Always beware of people who are luring consumers online by saying that they are reselling branded perfume.
  • Always buy it from an authorized retail store.

Examine the Cello Wrap
Well-made perfume boxing usually has tightly wrapped cellophane around it. Most of the duped products don’t get packed similarly. If that is the case, then the loosely packed product is not original and must be immediately returned.

Always look for excess Tape/Adhesive
If the packing of the perfume is done with a fragile material, then chances are there, it is not real. Any known branded company usually have high-end packaging where they tag and use QR codes to ensure the authenticity of the product. If these above things are not present, then the perfume you have brought is not real. A thin packaging signals for a fake product.

Be careful about the print
If the name of the brand is misspelled of written in a very uncanny way then just be sure of the fact that the product is fake and must either be reported in or sent back right away. Another trick is to scan the QR code to see if that opens the official site, if it does then it is well and fine otherwise it is a fake product.

Hope this tips and advices help you to buy a branded perfume next time without being caught to buy FAKE one.