How To Be Able To Differentiate Between A Knock-Off Or A Legit Apparel ?

People might often end up buying a cheap knock-off of any apparel without even being aware of the fact that they got duped. That is probably because of the lack of proper awareness from/by the brands.

A knock-off is hard to differentiate, even though if one looks into the fake products closely, the difference is quite visible and palpable. But what if someone buys the wrong kind of dress and pays the price of the original?

It can be embarrassing and very depressing too. So instead of being so naive, follow these simple steps to exclude the chances of getting duped while buying apparels.

The Logo says it all

If the buyer is very frequent with their designer, then they can easily spot the difference with an uncanny placement of the brand logo. The counterfeiters have found innovative ways to fool the consumers into thinking that the fake ones are totally legit, but still, the resemblances can’t just be pasted.

Always look for the logo which is often embedded in the zipper pulls or other typical areas of apparel which might prove its authenticity. In case the buyer can spot the presence of a cheap stamp on anywhere which is not very typical of that particular designer, then it probably is fake.

It always feels wrong

The feel of a counterfeit product will always lack the feel and premium outlook of the original brand. The sides, the way it’s stitched or the way it fits the unpolished edges and the crookedness of the overall appeal will give the buyer enough sign to judge if it’s fake or not. So always trust your instincts or try to find proof of authenticity like holograms or barcodes.

Well, price matters

If the buyers come across a deal which is too good to be true, then they are probably going to get duped.

This is why even if the agreement is steep; the buyers must always try to buy their favorite brand products from an authorized seller.