How to distinguish an original product from a counterfeit one?

There are many ways to figure out whether a product is an original or a bogus and it is important that one should be aware of all ways especially when today’s world is full of duplicate production.  Faulty packaging, unbelievable discounts, grammatical errors and lack of contact information can be a few signs which make one aware of counterfeit goods.

A few of the tactics to decipher the originality of a product is given below. Check them out:

Lack of contact information and grammatical errors

An original product brand or company will make all efforts and experts to test that there is no grammatical error, whereas a counterfeit product will always have some mistakes in the tagline or there would be a spelling error.
Original products usually give contact information of all available outlets for the customer’s convenience for returning, giving in a feedback or for shopping again. All these important information is always missing in the fake products.

Packaging defects and astonishing discounts

All discounts do not mean good luck on your part; they could also say that you are being trapped to buy a fake product. A reasonable correlation should be there between the quality of product and the price. Slight or significant defects in packaging and missing accessories could also be a sign of counterfeit goods.

Duplicate products are present everywhere to confuse us, but it is not impossible to get passed them if one makes sure to pay attention to all the warning signs given above. So, always keep your eyes and mind open for recognizing counterfeitproducts the next time you go shopping.