Counterfeited Products- The Unwanted Trend of the Economy!

In today’s market, it becomes difficult to differentiate, the anal product from its counterfeited Avatar. Every single product out in the market from a hair clip to an Apple MacBook, are being increasingly falsified. However, with counterfeit, these factors are being hampered. The wings of fake products are spreading colossally. 

Who on earth would not like to have a Louis Vuitton or a Prada in their collection? Because the designer brands are often out of reach of the most, therefore people are more inclined towards having the same looking product in their group, without purchasing the original.

 A Numerical Visualization of a current Counterfeit Scenario

 Among the most widely counterfeited products across the globe, Footwear has reportedly topped the list. With as much as 27,119 Footwear brands have been counterfeited globally. Articles of clothing come second. Brands like Prada, Vuitton, and Gucci among the many are merely most counterfeited. Nearly 23,596 clothing brands have been faked.

Other mostly counterfeited products are Leather Goods. 17,960 different leather brands have been counterfeited throughout the world. Electronic machinery, Electronic equipment, Watches, Optical and Medical Instruments, Perfume and Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals and Jewelry are under attack of counterfeit in some thousands.

 Ways to skip the possible counterfeited product

 Although a large mass of people intentionally purchases counterfeit products of original brands like Gucci and Ray-Ban, there are also folks who are wishes to buy the original but are confused, from where to buy and how to check, whether or not the product is unique.

Time was there when counterfeiting goods required considerable capital and Technology which was not a cup of tea for many, unlike today where manufacturing has become mainstream and so is faking. But fortunately, original brands have protested and have devised ways to combat the counterfeiting attack.

Look for the following signs to avoid purchasing counterfeit products:

  1. Verify the Seller’s Identity– The first thing you would like to do is to check the seller’s character and reputation.
  2. Examine the Package Layout and Design– No fake brand will match the marketing material design of the original.
  3. Check for Brand Hologram– Brand hologram is unique to respective brands.

 Looking for these three signs, one can avoid purchasing fake goods. Also, make sure that you only buy goods from the branded showroom or other trusted partnership stores. For anti-counterfeit solutions, visit