Counterfeit Goods – A Menace to the Oblivious Shopper

One of the most significant challenges that reputable brand owners face is the threat of counterfeit goods that have flooded the market. This has taken a toll on the revenue and reputation, and also customer safety.  

Counterfeiting is a bustling industry worldwide nowadays. Thus different strategies are being put into practice to counter the problem that has become a criminal offense.

How to be sure of the Originality of the products?

Beware of what you are buying as your health, your money and your security can be at stake. If you are not hundred percent sure of the quality of the product, then take a glance over the following points

  • that the branded bags, belts and wallets that you want, may or may not be genuine.
  • that your baby’s items or your favorite perfume do not have any harmful chemicals in it.
  • or the batteries that you have ordered online are not fake, has a guarantee and will not explode.

But you are at a loss as you do not want to buy a counterfeit product. Some tips are discussed below so that the consumer is not duped into buyingcounterfeit products.

Know the seller: Go through all the details of the webshop, whether it exists or not, and how to contact for after-sales service. Verify the name, address, email address, and the phone number.

Read online reviews given by consumers: Go through all types of comments, whether the consumers have given it a thumbs up or down very carefully. Keep your eyes open and try to judge correctly.

See whether there is any trust mark: This trust mark is given by quality and certifies a webshop for safe online business. You can double check by visiting the trust mark’s website and check whether the trust mark has been conferred on the webshop.

Keep an eye on the price tag: Products that are fake costs much less .If the price quoted is unimaginable then you must give it a second thought. Always compare the price that is shown on different websites and then finally decide.

This is a growing problem and has to be dealt with appropriately as it involves the welfare of the consumer. Many programs have been put in place to counter this threat of counterfeiting. Gradually they will eliminate this illegal practice totally from the society and make things safer for everyone.