Good & Bad Sides – Counterfeit Electronic Goods

Electronic products are intrinsic to our lives now, and we can’t imagine our lives without it. With the exponential growth in demands, high-tech and low priced products are being launched each year keeping the affordability factor in mind.

Sometimes these products have lower prices that might be alluring for most consumers. These products are available and are pretty much visible everywhere from online to retail stores.

While the brands and companies abhor the existence of such cheap knockoffs, there are brighter and darker sides of such products. While the deliberate purchase of such goods might exclude such consumers from the victim list but the companies are losing a huge amount of revenues each year due to the existence of such products.

The Brighter Side

These products do have an aura if you can look into it. From its aesthetic value to its cheap craftsmanship, the product may look cheap, but the lack of a “premium” factor might induce hatred for some people who are used to buying the original products.
These products are usually budget-friendly and have a flexible product channeling. Don’t expect an after sale service because the longevity is not guaranteed.
The manufacturer’s of such products also aligned these products in such a way that the consumers can feel that sort of emulation of an original product. And the additional features at bare minimum cost might just fix the deal for a certain consumer demographic.

The Darker Side

Lack of an after sale service since the manufacturers don’t have authorized sellers in the market. But these products do come in with a year-long product replacement guarantee. There is also no guarantee of quality since that part is already compromised when the consumers are buying these kinds of product.

These products might just be worth the penny,
but the consumers must remember this phrase-
“Whatever floats your boat.”