Competition in Rural Market – Fake or Real?

Rural Marketing is a way of making things accessible for people residing in rural places along with the conversion of the people’s purchase quota to more demands for any specific products.

In that way, these products get better accessibility in these places to make lives easier and better. But mostly due to the lack of low awareness, there exist counterfeit products. These products are cheap knock-offs of the original products which closely resembles the color scheme and even the packaging except the brand name get altered.

These names are often misspelled deliberately and come in the similar sort of packaging. Sometimes exact copies are also available which look exactly like the original product. People usually end up buying these products mostly due to the affordability factor and their availability. Apparently, the residents often end up buying them for the sake of supporting the local economy.

Steps To Combat

  1. Strengthing of Secure Network Channel of Distribution
  2. Government Aid Agencies to prevent Counterfeiting
  3. Local Awareness Campaigns

The Bottomline

The primary reason for the growth of these counterfeit products is mostly due to the substantial profit, availability, and lack of-of awareness. The local law enforcers are also pretty unaware of such situations. The victims are mostly the consumers who end up buying these without being aware of the product’s duplicity.

The victims are mostly the consumers who end up buying these without being aware of the product’s duplicity. The exploitation of the rural scene occurs primarily due to the lack of awareness, low-income group, and low literacy rates.

The companies are also the victims because they suffer from a significant amount of loss and even end up losing the goodwill. The government on the other side too gets drained due to the lack of taxation on such dupe products.

These fake products not only demoralize the existence of the original products but the people are buying them can get sick.