Car Mod which may prove Fatal

Are you a petrol head and love modifying your car? Do you like going for cheaper mods or you value quality to ensure the safety of your car? Well, the market is flooded with millions of car mods that are popular among race heads.

Wheel mods are one of the most striking features that can make your car look fancy and you may not mind shelling out few extra bucks for such features. This is where fake wheels come into the picture. 

What is the issue with imitation?
The fact that fake wheels are offered at relatively lower prices compared to original factory made mods from authorized dealers across the country has attracted a higher percentage of customers opting for these fancy mods instead of the original ones. These wheels although add to your style statement but often bear many risks associated with their usage.

 One of the major concerns raised by automotive experts regarding these wheels is the safety of vehicles. They claim that imitation wheels undergo a cheaper and unregulated manufacturing process which often skips many of the highly important testing methods to validate the design. The mods are not just about the looks but also about simulating the object on software and designing those using sound engineering methods.

Furthermore, a standard mod or even the tires offered with brand new cars by the company undergo rigorous testing methods such as the Dynamic exhaustion testing where the response of tire in terms of power and torque at different road conditions is studied to validate its performance in the real world.

Cornering testing is done to study the maneuverability of car and stability offered by the wheels. Furthermore, the impact testing meaning application of sudden load on the edge of the wheel to study the strength offered is done to ensure that the wheels do not deform even under extreme conditions.

 Fact Check
The fancy fake wheel manufacturers do not do the tests mentioned above because it helps them to cut down costs. Their major focus in only on the visual attraction and they hardly do anything about the sturdiness of the wheels or even use the right raw materials.

Imitation wheel is a good idea to enhance the artistic value of your car but it compromises safety. Yet if you want to buy it then ensure that it has undergone standard testing.