Burst the FAKE DEGREE bubble, and avoid Novelty Certificates!

The pressure keeps building on the students, and ironically enough, they are being pushed to the crowd even though are the ones trying to stand out amongst it. Within the rat race of trillion souls, it takes one to get degrees and certificates as a token of validation which in turn gives those jobs.

These are milestones and are indeed of utmost importance whether one likes it or not. With the apparent pressure, the younglings are often being forced into doing things that they are not very fond of, so they end up finding easy ways out.

Sometimes they work, and for the other half, they just end up on the wrong side of the town.  With the advent of online sites, some sites claim to provide novelty certificates which are university certificates bought in exchange of money.

The ambiguity of this whole process makes it even more sinister since the chances of students getting duped are higher than they did something worthwhile. These have immense psychological justification since the moral bankruptcy is somewhat happening due to their fear mechanism and to avoid the embarrassment of being called a failure.

To help and assist such people/students, who are evidently in doubt, can follow these simple steps to revamp their career choices.

 Look up for Universities that can provide affordable degrees

This is probably the hardest part of most of the students out there. But students do get educational aids from government and also through free undergraduate courses. This can differ from places to places, but usually in Germany and other Nordic countries, students get free tuition for their UG courses. And also students should look for state-aided universities for least expensive course fees.

Part-time degrees

There are places which are offering students with part-time degrees where they can balance between their works and study at the same time.

It is not over yet and chances are always there if one looks enough closely. So instead of delving into the path of darkness, there is always a light that can lead one to the right path. Education is not only for getting a job but it is to save people from being morally bankrupt.