Beware of the Profitable Business of Fake Mobile Phones

Nowadays, with steep competition in almost every industry, another industry is slowly flourishing behind the scenes – the counterfeit industry. For every single industry out there, there is a parallel in the world of the counterfeit.

What is truly shocking is that according to a recent survey, 7% of the world’s trade is now in counterfeit goods!
This fact, when taken in consideration with the fact that most people do not know enough about the goods they buy, is especially scary because it means that every single individual is likely to end up buying something that is not the real deal.

Wondering! Why is Counterfeit Phones a Popular Business?

Counterfeit or fake mobile phones are a very dangerous business. These phones, which are made to like high-end brands like Apple or Samsung, are usually sold at lower prices. People who do not know how to spot the fake often end up getting duped by sellers and end up buying the fakes instead of the originals.
In a lot of cases, even the sellers are not aware that what they are selling is fake. Sometimes, manufacturers will sell the fake at the same price as the originals to avoid suspicion. These are cleverly disguised to ensure that they are not caught.

Also, Why Counterfeit Phones are Dangerous?

Fake mobile phones can be dangerous because of the kind of parts that are used to make them. In a lot of cases, the insulation and batteries used are not of good quality, and can often melt when the phone heats up due to overuse. This can, in turn, lead to a short circuit in the motherboard or the circuit board of the phone and can even cause the phone to explode. This can be fatal and cause deaths or major injuries. Trying to save money and buying cheap counterfeit phones can cost you your life!

One of the biggest industries when it comes to industries within the counterfeit industry is that of fake electronic goods. Because original electronic goods are made with parts that are proper and of good quality, their production cost is very high. To ensure that manufacturer does not end up running a business on grave losses, actual good quality electronic goods can be pricey.

However, the counterfeit industry does not care for important aspects like safety or longevity. Counterfeit electronic goods like mobile phones are made with parts that are of a sub-par quality which of course makes them dangerous to use. 

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