Beware of buying Counterfeit Makeup Products

Counterfeit has now grown itself to a new market itself. Luring in customers and selling them with the promises of any respective OG product is not only a very deplorable thing to do but is fraudulent. It so happens these days is that more people are buying counterfeit products without even realizing that.

A survey data released recently states that over a quarter of a particular demographic (global) are purchasing fake products like makeup, skincare products et al. 

Of them all, makeup products are being falsified the most amongst all. Even authorized sellers are giving a platform to these merchants where these knockoffs are sold deliberately. The scariest part of this is not the product but the effect it leaves on people as most the products which were being reported to be fake made people sick or had reactions which went out of hands.

Let’s check out, how one can identify the Fake Product…

So, if one has to buy these products, then they can get them from authorized retail sellers. Even though it is wise to be always aware of the things that you are buying, a fake product can be pointed out if we can look closely enough. From the packaging to the labels, everything will seem uncanny.

The lack of polishing in the packaging of the beauty products is somewhat crucial for one to identify a duped product. Brands should also carry out proper campaign to sensitize people about counterfeit goods. The makeup is something which you apply to your skin so think twice before buying such beauty products because your health can never be compromised.

The counterfeit product must always be reported right away to the proper authority, and the QR code or barcode labeled under the product must also be checked for its the official symbol of authenticity for any beauty product (any product for that case).

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