Alert!!! Discounts on online products is Fun but….

Counterfeit products are immune to the present consumer base where people are often duped into buying these products. These are usually being mass produced and sold illegitimately at various places.

With its venture in the online market, fake goods are being sold exponentially, sometimes at reputable sites too. With that being said, this debauchery can be somewhat contained with proper anti-counterfeit technology or with awareness campaigns by the brands in order to educate the masses. 

In order to be a bit more aware, one can follow below tips to judge the authenticity of any brands they are buying online.

TIP 1: Check the seller’s identity
Don’t forget to verify the contact details of the seller or the authenticity of the website. Most importantly don’t fall into the traps of discounts and free shipping because that’s how the fake product sellers lure their customers in.

Always buy from official sellers who are trusted and not shady. And in legit sites, the online platforms provide proper seller details along with other tracking details. So don’t delve into the game of discounts unless the seller offers appropriate information.

TIP 2: Look for customer reviews
Before buying from any seller, always check up on their ratings and reviews. Internet hyperbole is somewhat right especially when there are various vague and exaggerated reviews. A good rating with critical analysis of the seller’s pain points might just prove the seller’s authenticity.

TIP 3: Always pay from secured URLs
A secure page will have a small padlock icon on the top left corner of the beginning of any URL on the address bar of any internet browser. Only then you continue with payment, otherwise, step down from paying through such portals. Try using debits cards since in cases of fraudulent transactions; the money can be returned. Not only this, once you receive the parcel make sure to check for the obvious signs like anti-counterfeiting seals and holograms.

Even though we come as woke millennials, we often fall into traps of counterfeit shops. But if one can follow these steps then it is more than just a heads-up.