40% of auto parts sold are FAKE!

In the automobile industry, the fake brands and the duplicates are infiltrating the market like poisonous mushrooms. However, before your premise is attacked, you can stop this nuisance from producing dent on your reputation through a series of techniques. Since your brand value is pristine and it drives you forward towards new customer bases, you should always try to protect it from the leeching hands of the counterfeit practices.

Here are some steps that can help you do that-

Engage in proper branding from the very beginning. Each of your products should bear clear, visible and noticeable marks of your brand so that for every purchase, the buyer knows that it is the original product. Do not release your product in the market with a small hologram.

Try to let each customer know of the various authorized dealers of the car and possibly, the showrooms near to the client. Often, the lack of knowledge in this regard prompts the customer to buy from a local shop where the chance of getting duped is high.

Track the different areas where such malpractices are conducted and understand the intensity in these regions. Then, enforce stringent inspection force according to the intensity to get rid of the fake parts effectively.

Make your brand visible online and continuously promote the necessity of buying an original product. Point out differences like lack of safety and testing standards that may lead to a fatal accident.

Brand image is everything in a supremely competitive market and once it is tarnished; your business may very well have experienced the doomsday for your business. However, with these strategic moves, you can surely change your brand’s image by being the lone warrior in the battlefield of fake.

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