How big is the business of Counterfeiting?

It has been reported that globally there has been an unhealthy growth of counterfeit vehicles and their parts which puts the user safety to risk and is causing the automobile companies to lose millions. A majority of these parts which are counterfeit have come from China while a lot of them are locally generated as well. It is known that the two out of five spare parts which are sold are fake.

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Indian Pharmaceutical Market- Chasing aims to ensure positive growth

It is the scientists and medical practitioners for whom the success rate is at the tipping point in the pharmaceutical industry. They made enormous, untiring efforts to institutionalize the practice of teaching and involving the budding youth in the booming world of medical studies and pharmacy.

The pharmacy industry sprung because of the continuous efforts and incorporation of the intellectual minds too helped to mount the success rate of pharmacy. In the real world, the urgent need of pharmacy is on a higher price and to make a better diagnosis of the needles, it demands to be studied and revised as per the growing competitive needs of the market.

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