Steps to Identify a FAKE Bank Note (Indian)?

It might seem baffling, but fake notes are spread all across the globe. It is harming the global economic state which is hazardous for people in general. Counterfeit notes are hard to notice, but like any other counterfeit goods, if one looks closely enough they might spot the difference.

Since India is apparently the world’s largest producers of bank notes, RBI has devised some security measures which should help people identify a counterfeit banknote.
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Keep your eyes Open to identify Fake Notes

With that impending question haunting us daily, it is wise to be aware of the fact that fake notes are being circulated all across the globe which also counts for a certain percentage of the global economic destabilization.

Banks even have the right to impound that fake note right away. In an annual report unveiled by RBI, it has been stated that almost 762,072 notes were detected in the bank which puts the paranoia to a whole new level.

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Know the difference between an Original & a Fake Mobile Phone

Let us check out easy ways to spot Fake Mobile Phones

With strong competition in the electronics market, the trend of counterfeit electronic goods has become very popular these days. The most common item that is sold is fake mobile phone, which are made of cheaper and bad quality parts and made to look like original phones which are from high-end brands.

This trend is very concerning because fake mobile phones can be extremely dangerous. Besides causing financial losses to the original brands, they also pose a great health risk to users.

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The Hazards of Counterfeit Electronics Market

Counterfeit businesses now run rampant all over the world. In a shocking survey that shook the business world to its core, it was revealed that over 7% of the world’s total trade is in counterfeit business.

This is extremely concerning because not only does it affect the trade of the original brands, it also dupes the customers. In this article, you will find reasons why you should always double check before buying electronic goods.

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