Beware of FAKE!! – How fake parts can cost you as an industry?

Fake products have been there for decades now, and in the rural and suburban areas, where people prefer the duplicates over the original for the sheer difference in price, they have been immensely popular. But, its recent rise in the automobile market has brought the industry face to face with a new found horror. Not only do the fake auto parts account for 40 percent of after market sales, but also has caused a good number of accidents. Hence, customer goodwill had also lost in this process. Moreover, unlike FMCG or Apparel, where people buy them simply because they are cheap, fake automobile parts are the incentive of dealers as they receive a commission from the fake manufacturers to pass on these products.

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Security And Safety- A Symbiotic Relationship In Today’s World

Counterfeit goods have long dominated the world. However, it is about time to show them their rightful place. It is precisely why not only companies should ensure that the product is completely secured, but you, as a buyer, should also check your safety points. To prevent the brand from being destroyed slowly and silently, it is not enough to only use a hologram or trace the product. Rather, constant vigilance as a manufacturer is demanded from the side.

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Track & Trace Technologies – Lead the Secure Packaging!

Now that government has already put regulatory conditions on all sorts of products, it is imperative to ensure that the brand does not end up taking someone’s life.

Of course, it is not the original product that would do such. It is some counterfeiting racket who would tarnish the brand’s name and spell a disaster.

Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies have been predicted to a 5.3% CAGR
which will rise to 3.6 billion dollars regarding industrial growth.

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Know the ongoing trends of Prevalence in the Counterfeiting Industry

It is important for every pipe & fittings business owner dealing commodities to have a sound idea of the ongoing trends of the world where counterfeiting of goods is increasingly becoming an unfortunate reality. You will be shocked to know that even though more and more companies are actively taking part in practices that could help combat counterfeiting of commodities churned out by big brands. It is not proving to be enough for the simple reason that the more business owners are tightening the security of their goods, the smarter the counterfeit specialists are also becoming themselves every day. Continue reading “Know the ongoing trends of Prevalence in the Counterfeiting Industry”