10 Trends expected to be seen in FMCG In 2018

10 Trends expected to be seen in FMCG In 2018 are:

1.  Around the World
In 2018, it is likely that customers will be more invested in products that take the senses on a “tour of the world.” Since the Millennials and Gen Z are more adventurous than the previous generations, they are more likely to buy products with ethnic flavors and exotic ingredients.

2. Storytelling
Products that tell a story and form an emotional bond with the customer are likely to sell in 2018. Products that are local, artisanal or are prepared in small batches, and are therefore have a certain sense of exclusivity are likely to become tends.

3. Do it Yourself
Thanks to the internet, consumers are now privy to more information than ever before. This availability of information, combined with the need to customize and do things their way, seems to predict that the DIY industry will blossom in 2018. The consumers want to feel more connected to nature, and therefore organic industries that offer more control in the form of DIY items are more likely to start trending in 2018.

4. Minimal Processing
Millennials and Gen Z are more concerned with health than the previous generation and are also more scientifically aware. They know that processed items are unhealthy, and for that reason, items that are only minimally processed are bound to be a favorite trend in fast moving consumer good.

5. Plant-based Items
With veganism on the rise in popularity scale, plant-based items are more likely to start trending in both food and beauty industries, as compared to animal-based items.

6. Functionality plus Personal
Items that offer more than one benefits, like weight loss, energy, and others were already a trend. With the onset of 2018, it is likely that there will also
be a rising trend in whole grains as well as ancient grains.

7. Cross-category Indulgence
Items that offer a mix of experiences, and experiments with textures, flavors and aims to provide a mixture of ingredients will be appealing to the bored and stressed Millennial.

8. Hand-made Items
Handcrafted items offer a sense of novelty that will appeal to customers in 2018.

9. Urban Solutions
The busy urban lifestyle demands fast and instant solutions and items that offer that is likely to be a major hit among customers.

10. At Home
Items that recreate the atmosphere of the outside world at home are likely to
appease both the Millennial and Gen Z generations.

With above trends in mind, one might be able to succeed in the FMCG industry. Are you the one? And Looking for Holographic Solutions? Email us mktg@lasersec.in