Counterfeits: The Alarming Growth Of The Fake Auto Parts Industry

Fake products, often known as counterfeits, are something that pervades all industries to an extent. Fake notes, fake medicine, fake branding, etc. are insanely common nowadays. While some fake products harm you economically, some may harm you fatally. Among them, a counterfeit in the automobile industry is a dangerous as well as a growing concern because not only does it affect a huge industry in significant ways, but also can destroy individual lives too. It is because believe it or not; counterfeit practices contribute to 20 percent of all accidents that occur in this country, not limited to personal cars but also trucks, SUVs, and other heavy-carriage vehicles.

The measures that government has adopted as of now has, needless to mention, has not been sufficient enough since one in four automobile parts are nowadays fake. While some of them may not have an impact immediately, some fake parts can damage the car on a short notice and can be the cause of the next road accident headline. The pervasive nature only calls for a solution that must be affirmed quickly.

How The Fake Industry Functions?

Of course, such an industry runs underground and is never registered or taxed. Hence, tracing the players of the duplicate market can be tough. However, the industry is growing, and currently, it has almost one-third share regarding parts products which account for the largest percentage of counterfeiting among all fake products. Surely, no industry or no brand would want their name getting tarnished while some people make a huge amount of money using their name while evading tax.

While it may seem surprising since automobile parts undergo fatigue tests called OEM tests. However, such tests can be bypassed to get the product to the market. Often, these products have wrongly spelled names so that you cannot immediately identify them. At a glance, the product may seem to be some reputed company, but they alter a letter or vary the logo a bit and deceive people. They use low-quality steel, instead of proper noise cancellation, you get low-quality protection, and there is no safety in using these products because they will never have a guarantee card or certificate.

The Growing Success Of Counterfeits

The lack of awareness among buyers has played a crucial role in the spreading of fake products. Often, drivers, as well as car users, don’t pay attention to the details, making it easy to pass fake products. Dealers are also involved in this racket as they sell the product by assuring novice customers that these products are cheaper and hence, better. People often believe that when the packaging looks original, the product must be so too. However, nowadays, packaging has become so easy that even the finest brands can be copied very quickly.

Hence, the authentication has to be made at the level of product and the package, so that there is a dual layer of security. As a user, it ‘s hard to realize why an original product at the right price matters until the fateful day arrives when your car suffers a breakdown in the middle of the road, or worse, an accident. Often, people don’t understand when the secondary products give a problem and blame it on the brand. For example, if your wiper gets damaged after a few months, then you would blame the company. But, only if your brake fails do you take the car to the repairing shop and realize there is a fake part involved in the debacle. However, such realization can come a little too late and can have a huge impact on the reputation of your company.

Getting Rid Of Counterfeits Is A Possibility

While it may seem that fake products have an empire of their own, they can be taken down if proper measures are taken. Holograms provide a brilliant opportunity in this regard. There are many levels of holographic security labels. You can opt for covert, overt as well as the forensic level of identification with such labels. The overt method is easily understandable by the eye and is there for the customer’s help. Once the client sees the hologram and the familiar logo is identified, immediately it is possible to tell that this is a genuine product.

Covert methods of holographic practices are mostly meant for manufacturers since only they would know that there is a hidden text or image embossed on the product. So, the supply line can be secured using one of these possible devices. In short, there should be no loophole so that the fake products can enter the business. Create a unique hologram of your own, increase customer awareness about hologram and you will not suffer from revenue loss or tarnishing of brand image.

Lasersec Technologies to the Rescue…

It is why Lasersec Technologies offers you a wide range of holographic solution products for your company. If you are an automobile parts supplier or producer, a brand worth reckoning, then you would surely not want to be in the wrong book of customers all of a sudden just because some other company is using the brand name to gain a foothold in the market. Lasersec Technologies can tell you what kind of holographic product will suit you depending on your need and the kind of supply chain you are into currently.

Holograms also enable you to pinpoint the culprits who make them forensic evidence. So, by hologram tampering, you can tell where in the supply line things may have gone wrong and then you can catch the miscreants who are part of this huge racket. In fact, such tampering can be presented in court as evidence too. So, holograms are incredibly powerful not only as an authenticating method but also as forensic evidence.

So, your business will now have a greater influx of cash, and you will know where your product goes and who buys them. Everyone in the supply chain now has to be accountable for anything which deters the players of the chain from engaging in any malpractice whatsoever. Your customers will also be happy to see that you care about their lives and that creates the strongest customer relationship possible.

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PHARMACEUTICAL LABELS – nick name “Pharma-seal”

In recent times, medicines packages and wrappers come up with shining stickers. Everyone notices this feature while buying medicines from a chemist shop. Manufacturers have not used these labels to provide a great look to their manufactured products. Rather all these unique stickers are there for protecting the quality of the product.

These unique and exclusive binding are known as Pharmaceutical Labels.  We manufacturer these pharmaceutical labels or stickers specifically for packaging of medicinal products, medicines, and tools.

Pharmaceutical Labels come forth with quality attractive prints. These reflect the image of the brand and present the value of the medicine or the product. All these labels are produced depending on the necessities of the medicine manufacturing companies.

There are manifold reasons behind the enormous popularity of Pharmaceutical Labels. Let’s have a quick look at some reasons:


Creative, experienced, and professional designers beautifully design the labels and wrapping. The reason these labels and films are made attractive is in the core of the laws of marketing, which says, ‘Something that looks attractive gets popular’.  So, designers focus on the designs to make these labels, stickers, films and foils more decorative. Thus, it grabs the attention of the users. Product information, brand logo, important dates, and also a barcode are mentioned on the Pharmaceutical Labels. Therefore, it becomes easier for the users to recognize the genuine product. This way, users easily get all the necessary information that helps them to feel confident.


Medicine manufacturing companies produce medicines using different components and chemicals. Some medicines thus can’t offer the best results and people get confused while using medications. Certain drugs cause side effects if they are exposed to atmospheric humidity or direct sunlight. Buying these medicines a user may face difficulties and serious health issues. So, it is essential for the pharmaceutical firms to secure their medicinal products by implementing effective solutions. This is where the role of Pharmaceutical Label begins. Companies make pharmacy labels keeping the sensitivity and significance of a medicine in mind.


Besides the safety measure and good look, pharmaceutical companies use such labels to prevent the forging. Nowadays, the market of forging is at its peak. So, it is necessary to provide a shield to the original articles. Using safety measure and the latest technology, companies create pharmacy labels.

Pharma Labels are impossible to copy. It becomes difficult for the counterfeiters to occupy the market with the fake products. There are barcode and hologram present on these labels carrying the message of authenticity. These labels are inimitable and represent the authenticity and genuineness of a medicine.

Lasersec Technologies provide the highly secure and customized Holographic Pharmaceutical Labels

ANTI-COUNTERFEIT TAGS: Saving your brand from unexpected forgery enhancing profit margin

There are lots of instances where companies end up losing revenue due to the presence of fake product manufacturers. This is rampant in almost every sector, including Apparel, FMCG, Healthcare, Electronics and many other industries. The hazard of piracy keeps lots of Top Brands on tenterhooks.

The unfortunate part is that counterfeiters have evolved with the time and have become capable enough to replicate company logos, tagline, and graphics with precision. This way they fool customers and make profits while genuine product makers report huge losses. You cannot count on traditional product packaging and designs to thwart their evil schemes. To evade such possibilities from your company, it is time you resort to usage Anti-counterfeit Tags.

When the product is market having a hologram tag attached to it, it gains multiple benefits. By not worrying about the products getting lost in the crowd of fake and similar products in the market. Besides, the customers can find out the genuine products from counterfeit ones easily.

To identify a hologram embossment, buyers do not need to be tech savvy as such. Hologram Tags can be easily distinguished. These tags are very difficult to reproduce in exact form and safeguard your products from the risk of duplication. Apart from visual identification, these tags can be recognized by computers. This offers products an added level of safety.

With notable advancements in spheres of technology, a cost of Hologram Tag production has come down significantly. Also, can be used without trouble with a variety of products. If you belong to any manufacturing industry, hologram tags can be used with any of the product without any problem.

We can offer customized hologram tags and get in various sizes. Company symbol, logo, or name can be used within holographic tags. This gives the product a stamp of uniqueness. There is no need to worry about production cost hike owing to the inclusion of holographic tags with the products. We can mass produce these tags within a short span at a price that will not be a burden for you.

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Increasing concerns for security issues are making holograms more and more popular. Security hologram and holographic labels are of high importance to prevent access to securitized items and data.

High-Security Organizations

Both domestically and internationally, the use of security hologram has increased over the years. Security hologram and labels are a strong deterrent and a control mechanism to prevent access to important information or data, especially in high-security environments. Sometimes, security labels are even used in controlling information related to national security as well. Since matching security label and classification is an easy process for filtering, it offers a strong shield to combat against any issues of security lapses.

For instance, the badges with security hologram stickers or holographic labels that are imprinted on employee badges, serve an efficient security measure to prevent the entry of an imposter. Similarly, even for visitor’s id, special coding in security labels identifies them from the rest, allowing filtration and making a security check easy and efficient. This practice is applied extensively by various multinational companies, airports, and other high securitised organizations.

Departmental Stores

The unique hologram imprinted on the security stickers and holographic labels is even used by several food marts or departmental stores as well.

Increasing cases of pickpocket and shoplifting have made several departmental stores and mall equipped with holographic solutions. Most of the products displayed in departmental stores like food, clothing, decorative items etc. are tagged with special coded security labels, which when passed through the detector often trap the shoplifter. The special security labels may sometimes have either holograms or special barcodes, as per the requirement.

While security labels help in solving one aspect of the security concern, which is preventing access to data or items, then holographic labels fulfill the other criteria in security. The holographic labels help in providing foolproof protection against the counterfeiters. When the holographic labels are used on high-security data records or items, they not only make it difficult for imitation but also equally difficult to tarnish the authenticity of the product.

Electronic Items

Electronic Industry is also having a tough time combating with security issues and counterfeiter. Due to the high rise of piracy of audio and video CD’s, several companies are launching their CD’s with distinct holograms or security labels with 2D/3D holograms that make it difficult for the counterfeiter to forge and sell pirated copies of the original.

The use of holographic labels is also well pronounced in the several electronic items like laptops, adapters, mobile devices, IPAD’s, chargers and various other electronic gadgets. Since the counterfeiting mechanism too has polished and come up as sophisticated, the electronic item manufacturers are resorting to security hologram stickers and special holographic labels that retain the brand image and also make the entire process of counterfeiting difficult and costly for the counterfeiters as well.

We at Lasersec develop the customized holograms and holographic labels that help you to explore the best security solutions. We work for various sectors ensuring the highest level of security. Our products carry an international standard with excellent quality and they are impossible to imitate.

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LASERSEC TECHNOLOGIES: Pioneer & Leading Manufacturer of Security Holograms

Lasersec Technologies provides customized & specialized holographic solution by using the latest technologies. We offer the highest level of security products ensuring the ultimate reputation. We have come up with branch offices in all metro cities and also major cities in India. Also, we operate in various international countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Europe, and United Kingdom.

Lasersec Technologies is working since 1998 and also have a strong focus on R&D along with Quality Assurance Programs with scientific approaches. Therefore, we are recognized as a pioneer & leading manufacturer of security holograms, by offering the best holographic solutions in the industry.

We always believe in customer satisfaction, so we do a detailed product research by understanding the specific requirement then our skilled team of professionals creates an ideal hologram design. We make use of the cutting-edge technologies by making a suitable combination.

We turn out as an alleged producer, purveyor and exporter of security holograms, holographic labels, stickers, holographic foils and holographic coupons. We have always strived to uphold our corporate image by providing the better work environment and giving maximum value for money to our esteemed customers.

Why choose us?

Now, you may be thinking why you must choose us. The reasons are like:

#1  We have highly skilled creative designers team to create complex artworks of a hologram, to offer ultimate protection against the counterfeiters.

#2  We always maintain a time-bound execution of orders and also ensure you enjoy the best results.

#3  We offer a wide range of options to pick the feasible one.

#4  We come out with manifold color variations to choose for your brand concept.

#5  We assure 100% high-quality product solutions.

#6  We offer the best possible rates, which can be easily affordable.

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