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"The Problems & their Solutions"

When it comes to apparel, the tag is everything. An original label confirms that it has come out from the finest of all and has been tailored to perfection. However, the moment duplicate branding becomes possible, it immediately becomes a case of counterfeiting. For apparel, it can be a highly profitable business. So, if a store can get hold of such duplicate lines of top brands, then it can make a much greater profit than usual. Also, the counterfeiting industry gains a lot because the fabric is cheap and flimsy and the production quality is heavily compromised, but they sell at a price comparable to the original brands.

This vicious cycle may seem impenetrable, but you can surely protect your brand from this debacle. The customers who buy it by paying a hefty price and discover that it is hardly worth the money will immediately turn away from you, and within a short period, you can lose a vast pool of customers. Since the law and enforcement are not yet strengthened as all the big brands and retail chains are demanding stricter government action, the onus is on the brands to save their name.

Holograms and Holographic Solutions provide a comfortable respite from the growing menace of counterfeiting. When you have a customized hologram designed, then you can surely resist the network of miscreants who are gaining in the industry by damaging your business illegally. In fact, if there are some transactions under the table between the counterfeiters and some of your distributors, you can detect it easily since any tampering with the hologram leaves its mark on the product which can later be used as a forensic evidence. Fight counterfeiting by incorporating holograms today!

Holographic Solutions offered by us, can be customized according to the specifications and requirement.

  • Clothing Tag or Holographic Tag

    Tags are used for Garment Industries which are basically from 110 GSM to 250 GSM Board. Lasersec Technologies offers various Tags like Paper Tags, Self Adhesive Tags, Non-Terrible Tags with security features and also considered as a tangible and visible form of a reminder for the consumer.

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    We fuse running as well as registered holographic image into the labels which provide a genuineness of the product. We print tag with holographic effect and which provide ready to use anti-counterfeit label tags. We can also add other security features like Invisible Text (U.V & I.R Coding)

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    We develop the labels using advanced technology and are reckoned for their high reliability, quality, attractive look, excellent adhesive property and durability. We offer different kinds of Barcode Label Tags like Plain Label, Barcode Label and Holographic Barcode Label Tags which comes in different colors, sizes, shapes.

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